Sunday, 21 February 2010


This is my first blog, I am a Graphic Designer just starting out in the big wide world of the Graphics/ Photography World. It's a scary place out there... Don't know what way to go. I can design anything from business logos, business cards, letterheads, stationary, leaflets and posters. To photography; Editing them using Photoshop CS2 and changing the feel of the photos. I also enjoy Digital Manipulation, incorporating both graphics and photographs together into one piece.

This has been done on Photoshop using a photograph then some colour overlayed on top, with some graphics incorporated to make the crazy swirls.

I have been using Adobe Suite for about 3 years now. :) I love using Photoshop, Dream Weaver, Flash, Freehand draw and many more. I am currently learning by self teaching Dream Weaver, as I would like to learn how to build a Website.

I am about to start a NVQ Level 3 Graphic Design Open University Course. As I would like to think about maybe getting into either starting up my own business or working for a Graphics Company.

I really enjoy editing photographs, using Photoshop CS2 or Freehand Draw and Flash, I do many Landscapes, people, parties either in black and white or colour.

This is a bird table in the snow (Quadtone)

I have always been interested in all Creative studies, I like to draw, paint, scrapbooking and binding books, Photomontages, Photography and digital media.

I have been interested in arty and creativeness since I was a tacker, anything from making cards to painting canvas's. I did GCSE Art, then went on to doing it for A Level and then went on to do an Art Foundation Course. Now to further myself I am doing a Graphics NVQ Level 3 Diploma.

This photo, I took when we had about 2 inches of snow, back in December/ January. I chose black and white for this, to let the white of the snow stand out and to outline the shapes of the wooden struts. Also the angle of this shot is interesting as I am looking up and the branches of the tree in the background intertwining in and out of the struts creates depth into the photo.